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I’ll never forget my first job—designing and fabricating gold mining equipment for “Wild Bill” near a glacier in Palmer, Alaska. I learned to problem-solve with Bill. And I found the creative process so rewarding that I still do the same work, more than 30 years later.

Whether it’s a simple floating net light pole fabricated for a wholesaler or a complex, innovative rudder; whether it’s welding structural steel in a building or creating a unique, finely-detailed railing for a lakefront home– Let me help you develop your dream into a vision, and make that vision a reality.

Anyone will tell you that my faith is even more important to me than the quality work I seek to produce. And because of my commitment to God, I want to please Him in my business dealings. Jesus was a carpenter, and it is my prayer and aim to be like Him as I work—with metal, and with people.

A Satisfied Client

“What do I appreciate about working with Randy? Honestly, it’s his integrity. It doesn’t really matter what type of work you’re doing, as long as you work with good people. And Randy is ‘good people.’”

– Lowell Stanbaugh, Deflector Marine Rudders

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